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We use cookies on our platform to enhance your user experience, and to monitor and improve site performance. The data we collect using cookies helps us understand our customers better so that we can provide a more focused user experience. Using the knowledge of previous visits to our website, we can enhance

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Our cookies don’t store sensitive or personally identifiable information such as your name and address or credit card details.

What Are Cookies?

A cookie is a small piece of data sent from a platform and stored in a user’s web browser while a user is browsing a platform. When the user browses the same platform in the future, the data stored in the cookie can be retrieved by the platform to notify the platform of the user’s previous activity or preferences. This data is usually not personally identifiable.

What Sort of Cookies Do We Use?

  1. Essential Cookies

  2. Security Cookies

  3. Functional Cookies

Some cookies are essential for the operation of this platform; for example,

they may allow us to identify registered, logged in users so that they can

access the content and services for which we require registration. If you opt to

disable such cookies, you will not be able to access such content.

We use some cookies to enhance security on the site by preventing other

users or platforms from impersonating you on our platform. The platform may

not function properly without these cookies.

These cookies are associated with remembering preferences and actions on

previous visits, to ensure that when you revisit the site it behaves as you

would expect.

4. Analytics Cookies

We use other cookies to analyse how visitors use our platform. This also

include through Google analytics or other analytical tools. The information

gathered through the use of such cookies is anonymous, and provides us with

statistical, aggregate data on how visitors use the platform. We and search

engines use this information to improve you experience and both to provide

better and more useful content, as well as to improve the performance of the


5. Advertising Cookies

We may from time to time use cookies to assist us and our advertisers to

serve you with advertisements which we believe you may find relevant and

interesting. However, the advertiser cannot tell who you are from any data

gathered through use of these cookies.

6. HowGoogleuseCookies


How We Use Cookies

  • To manage traffic to our platform.

  • To identify authenticated users on our platform so as to provide them with

    appropriate content.

  • To protect the platform against certain types of attack.

  • To support interactive features on our platform, such as chat, quizzes and reminders.

  • To remember user preferences from previous visits to our platform.

  • To collect aggregated, anonymous statistical data on the use of our platform; we

mainly use Google Analytics cookies for this purpose.

• We may use cookies from various providers to track the performance of online advertising campaigns.

Managing Cookies

Most modern browsers allow you to refuse to use cookies. It may be possible to do so selectively, or for all cookies from this site. For example:

• in Microsoft Edge you can block cookies using the cookie handling override settings

available by clicking “Settings”, “Advanced Settings” and then “Cookies”;

  • in Firefox you can block all cookies by clicking “Options”, “Privacy & Security”, “History”, and selecting “Use custom settings for history” which will show you options for blocking cookies;

  • in Google Chrome, you can block all cookies by accessing the “Customise and control” menu, and clicking “Settings”, “Advanced” and “Content settings” under “Privacy & security”, and then clearing “Allow sites to save and read cookie data” under the “Cookies” heading.

You can also delete cookies already stored by your web browser. For example:

• in Microsoft Edge, you can delete cookies by clicking “Settings”, “Clear browsing

data” and then selecting “Cookies and saved website data”, and then clicking “Clear”

  • in Firefox, you can delete cookies by clicking “Options”, “Privacy & Security” and then “Remove Individual Cookies”, and then clicking the link to “clear your recent history” or to “remove individual cookies” selectively;

  • in Google Chrome, you can delete all cookies by accessing the “Customise and control” menu, and clicking “Settings”, “Advanced” and “Clear browsing data” under “Privacy & security”, and then selecting “Cookies and other site data” before clicking “Clear Data”.

Please be aware that if you block essential or security cookies, you will not be

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